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Doug Segal - I Can Make You a Mentalist

Firm fringe favourite returns again to five star reviews and added tin foil hats

Doug Performing - Photo provided by Doug Segal
Possibly pulling the strings with black magic and charisma

When Doug came to Edinburgh last year he had a winning formula for a successful show - blow people's minds with his ability to implant suggestion and read minds. This year, he has the same mission objective but takes a different approach.

Now it is your turn to blow the minds of the audience. Doug takes the role of tutor, guiding an audience member to realise their own potential as a mentalist. After a particularly stringent selection process that selects the most capable mentalist (I was psychically dead), they are taken on stage, and they really lead the show.

They perform an array of mentalist feats, including the implanting of thoughts, clairvoyance, and spoon bending! You are left wondering how Doug ties into the whole thing. Is he simply a narrator or is he the puppet master, pulling the strings with black magic and charisma; gently guiding and coercing us all to his mind blowing end game?

He would insist that this is all down to earth statistics, subliminal messaging, lying and cheating. Go see his show and make your own mind up. Or maybe he will make it up for you. All I'm saying is that I'm glad he provided us with tin foil hats!

A triumphant return for the man who knows you better than you know yourself. ****

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jonathan's picture

This is awesome- like a more interactive version of Derren Brown (though I doubt he would ever do a teaching-style show like this... it would breed a lot of millionaires for sure ;P)