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We are a youth-led online magazine, open blogging platform and space to promote events and opportunities for young creatives. Meet the team here.

We are connected to Arts Award - the national arts qualification that is celebrating its tenth year! - and we offer advice on completing your award, run case studies with previous award achievers and track down what young people do next in our Where are they now? series.

We also take a wider look at the arts industry, giving you top advice on making work and getting ahead in the creative world.

If you haven't visited us before, there are a couple of things you should know before you begin looking around. YOU CAN…

1. Post on Voice

We welcome young voices and both our blogs and reviews sections are open for you to post writing, videos, photographs and podcasts. We're interested in what makes you tick, what makes you angry and what inspires you. We want to hear about arts events that are happening in every corner of the UK and we want to know about what you'd like to change in the art world.

You can register for an account here...then get posting!

If you are under 13 you must have parental permission and please do behave yourself while on the site! (We have some Ts and Cs with codes of conduct that you can read in full here)

2. Read the Voice magazine

We run regular themes on the site which we collect into Voiceboxes looking at aspects of art and culture from many different angles.

We also have interview series with arts professionals - finding out how organisations run, discovering how creatives do their work and getting tips on breaking into different industries. Perfect for research if you're doing Arts Award!

If you think you have what it takes to become a journalist, writer or filmmaker please do get in touch! We run a year long Voice Reporter course and we're always on the look out for local reporters and reviewers. If you'd like to get involved, just email your name, previous experience and a few writing examples to Voice Editor Emily

3. Find opportunities, events and competitions

We post many of our own competitions and opportunities on Voice so keep an eye out for these! We run writing competitions, blogging callouts, photography briefs and many more opportunities for you to have your work seen on a global scale (sometimes there are prizes too!). During Arts Award's tenth birthday celebration we're running some exciting competitions, so stay tuned by following us on Twitter and Facebook

You can also find callouts and events from many other organisations on the site. There are networking opportunities, art competitions, free workshops and more from Arts Award Supporters and a host of fantastic arts organisations around the UK.

4. Find and review Arts Award Supporters

Supporters are arts organisations that offer events, workshops and opportunities for young people, especially those doing Arts Award. You can find Supporter organisations and check out their profile and offer by searching the Supporter map

Please post your own reviews if you've been to a show by a Supporter or at a Supporter venue - just make sure you use their Voice Tag when you publish your piece so it pops up in their profile page!

If you are a Supporter yourself and would like advice on promoting your offer on Voice, please email us

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