Voice Contributors

Meet some of our Voice Contributors. These guys often start out posting great reviews or blogs on Voice, then join our network which offers sessions with journalists, commissions, editing of their work and the chance to join the Voice team to cover major arts festivals. We're always on the lookout for new writers or media-makers with views about the arts. Interested? Find out how to join our network of Voice Contributors.

Franki Hay,

I'm an aspiring journalist, currently studying my first year of the IB. I've always been interested in film, music and TV - so being able to publish reviews on Voice has given me a great opportunity to get more involved.

I've also always been keen to share my opinions on current affairs or political happenings, and it's been invaluable learning how to shape these into proper pieces with the help of Voice. Read Franki on Voice

Ashna Ahmad,

I'm attempting to juggle A-Levels, recreational language-learning, random acts of journalism and procrastination. All things cultural fascinate me, from literature to obscure ethnic music. I'm also very into writing poetry and short stories, attempting to be vaguely academic and humorous at the same time.

Writing for Voice has been a great way to meet new people and improve my writing, as well as providing me with a platform to discuss things I'm passionate about! Read Ashna on Voice

Grace McCabe,

I've always been involved in performing arts as a dancer, singer and actress which led me to study Theatre and Drama at Royal Holloway. I work for Trinity College London in Music and spend my spare time performing, developing my writing and photography. Voice allowed me to develop as a writer and given me confidence to write about what mightn't agree with.

I'm most proud of Asking for Help because mental health has been significant for me and I'm glad to be there for others should they need me. Read Grace on Voice

Madeline Drury,
North Yorkshire

I'm a YouTube content creator and aspiring journalist. I wanted to enhance my writing skills and access more arts events and Voice has definitely brought me that! It was so valuable to report from Hull, City of Culture and Aesthetica Film Festival as well as come south for the Brighton Fringe. Voice's work ethic has encouraged me to produce engaging writing under pressure. I am proud of my thought piece on Free School Meals during the 2017 General Election for succinctly expressing my political opinions whilst shedding light on an important issue. Read Maddie on Voice

Samantha Nead,

I love reading, writing and all things theatre. I am on a gap year in which I have reported from the Adelaide Fringe and hope to finish writing my first novel, before doing Liberal Arts at Birmingham. At Voice, I've enjoyed reviewing lots because reviewing makes you appreciate the work in a different, more focused way. It has significantly improved my journalism, and taught me to express myself eloquently and succinctly. I'm really proud of my Neglecting the Arts in Schools, which conveys my passion and sincerity on the education system and the arts. Read Sam on Voice

Luke Taylor,

I did my Voice Reporter training in 2015/16 alongside a Community Arts apprenticeship with Unit Twenty Three in Diss. I now work as Voice's Administrator. I have autism and being a Voice Reporter enabled me to travel the entire country alone and become more confident and independent. I want to pursue graphic design and develop my interests. 

My favourite piece is Autism, art & me where I spoke openly about being a person on the Spectrum. It was a massive leap forward for me as it was something I often didn't tell people about out of shame and stigma, but writing this article allowed me to embrace my differences and talk openly about my life. Read Luke on Voice

Ellen Orange,

I'm from the North East and have a passion for arts and writing. In 2015 I did an MA in Twentieth and Twenty First Century Literature at Durham. Since, I have written for Living North, The Journal and Juice Festival.

I applied to Voice to get more writing experience and journalism training. I enjoyed experimenting with different styles - news, features, reviews. I've had amazing opportunities to review from Bath Literature and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals. With improving my writing, it is wonderful to be on a team from all over the country, make lasting friendships, gain invaluable experience, contact with industry professionals and significantly improve my skills. I am most proud of the Cover to Cover column I ran for Voice. Read Ellen on Voice

Idriss Assoumanou,

I'm a film-maker based in Birmingham, UK. My passion for film drives me to be creative and tell better stories through the lens. Writing for Voice has helped me improve my written English and it's been great to get paid commissions to make short films. 

My experience as a contributor to Voice has helped me to grow my creative career and broaden my interest in the arts. View and read Idriss on Voice

Past Contributors

Emily Steer,

Emily was the founding Content Editor at Voice. She co-ordinated festival coverage, reviewed from them herself, edited submissions from contributors as well as allocating content. She also facilitated in the content for the Arts Award side of the site, too.

After Voice she became Editor at visual arts magazine, Elephant.

Elena Losavio,

 I started at Voice when doing a Master's in English Studies up in Manchester. For Voice, I write about theatre, film and contemporary art. I have also specialised in women's roles within media and the arts, and created A View from the Other Side, a monthly column on this topic. 

I occasionally write short stories about my wanderings in Asia and never say no to new adventures. Read Elena on Voice

Agi K,

I am a young filmmaker, YouTuber, vlogger and writer. I'm best known for my award-winning series 'My Little Sister (who happens to have Down's syndrome)' and my short film 'We The Mountain, We The Sea' screened at Raindance Film Festival 2016. See more of my work at www.agik.co.uk and here on Voice